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Fire Building Compliance Specialist - The Core Business Function

Fire Services Consulting
Legal Expert Witness &
Building Fire Inspections &
Annual Fire Safety Statements
Final Fire
Safety Certificates


Council Negotiations
Fire Equipment
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Fire & Safety
Council Fire Orders &
BCA Audits
Project Management
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Fire Building Compliance Specialists’ competency covers the broad spectrum of consulting services to the Australian market place. These market segments include:-


At last a quality Fire Consulting Service Business is provided to the Market!
  • Health Care
  • Aged Care
  • Aviation
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Residential (Strata)
  • Construction
  • Education facilities
  • Sporting facilities
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Government organisations
Fire Services Consulting Engineers

Why use Fire Building Compliance Specialists? What is the real client benefit?

We provide specialist Fire Services Engineers that meet the legislative requirements of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation 2000 which is the legal obligation of the client.  We provide fire service specialists and accredited Building Professionals Board A1 certifiers and C10 fire safety engineers depending on the specific requirements of the project.

Legal Expert Witness & Compliance

Our building design skills are best demonstrated when Fire Building Compliance Specialists do representations on behalf of our clients as a legal Expert Witness.  Our direct actions and outcomes on all occasions have protected our clients and building occupants and stemmed off expensive Court proceedings due to our technical knowledge base and legal communication skills as Fire Services Engineering experts within the fire protection industry.

Building Fire Inspections & Audits

Our Fire Services Engineers are experienced inspectors and auditors and will assess buildings efficiently and effectively and report on behalf of our clients and can provide cost effective rectification solutions for fire services within the building to comply with the relevant legislation such as the deemed to satisfy provisions (DTS) Building Code of Australia and the Australian Standards.


Our inspectors are some of the most proficient in Australia and experts in health, aged care, commercial, retail, aviation, industrial to list a few.


Annual Fire Safety Statements

It is a requirement of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 for owners to provide an Annual Fire Safety Statement and to ensure that the building has been assessed by a properly qualified person, ie by our qualified and experienced Fire Services Engineers. It is also required to demonstrate when the building is assessed that it was capable of performing to the standard required by the schedule list of Fire Safety Measures.  We carry out inspections and provide a written report to enable the client to submit a compliant Annual Fire Safety Statement and to display this Statement on site.  We can also provide Annual Fire Safety Statements by electronic submission to both the local Council and Fire & Rescue NSW as required by EPAR2000 legislation.


Final Fire Safety Certificates

Similar to the preceding Annual Fire Safety Statement, it is a requirement of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 for owners to provide a Final Fire Safety Certificate at the completion of the building’s initial construction or significant building works upgrade, to ensure that the building is compliant to the standard required.  We carry out an inspection and provide a schedule list of Fire Safety Measures to enable the client to submit a compliant Final Fire Safety Certificate and to display this Certificate on site. We can also provide Final Fire Safety Certificates by electronic submission to both the local Council and Fire & Rescue NSW as required by EPAR2000 legislation.


Evacuation Diagrams

Evacuation Diagrams can be designed and installed by Fire Building Compliance Specialists.

Fire Building Compliance Specialists can provide specialist consultancy advice and project management to remedy any client Council Fire Safety Orders served.  Our professional competency will ensure our clients receive accurate and efficient advice to provide the owners with the most cost effective solution to satisfy the Council’s Fire Safety Order.  Part of the process that we provide based on our expert competency is a strong ability to negotiate terms of fire orders with Council – see also “Council Negotiations”.


 Part of Council Fire Order remedy is to provide a Building Code of Australia (BCA) audit of the building to determine the most cost effective solution.  We provide a complete service that will inspect and report on the deemed to satisfy (DTS) provisions to meet the performance requirements of the BCA.


One of our specialised services with BCA audits is for hospitals and aged care facilities within NSW Health.


Council Fire Orders & BCA Audits


An important process to deliver occupant safety and client cost effectiveness is the ability of our consulting company to be able to communicate effectively with Council to negotiate common sense compliant solutions that meet the intent of any Council Fire Safety Order.  Our technical personnel have years of experience of dealing with Council on fire safety matters on various levels to satisfy the owner’s legal obligations. For example some matters are best to negotiate with Council with building original design legislation rather than using current BCA requirements especially if it is in relation to structure issues of an existing older building.



Council Negotiations
Project Management

Fire Building Compliance Specialists can provide fire system design consulting, fire equipment installation and project management of any new building or upgrade works.  This includes liaising with owners, builders, Council and relevant sub-contractors.




Fire Equipment Design & Maintenance
Provide Independent Third Party Advice

Our extensive knowledge and experience in specialised fire equipment design and maintenance

will ensure that the client will receive cost effective solutions with products and services

that will maximise occupant safety and minimise nuisance failures and false alarms.


There are over 30 fire safety measures that we can advise and provide installation of, for

example, fire doors, detection systems, sprinkler systems, exit and emergency lighting.


We can also provide our clients with advice concerning testing and maintenance to comply

with the relevant testing standards of AS1851.


We conduct fire and safety training in the workplace for the following:-


• Warden and Chief Warden Training

• First Attack Firefighting Training

• Evacuation Training

• Emergency Warning Intercommunication Systems (EWIS) & Fire Panel Training

• CPR Training

• First Aid Training


We also facilitate with site management and their Emergency Planning Committee in

designing, developing or assisting with their evacuation procedures and policies.























Fire & Safety Training

Fire Building Compliance Specialists will ensure rigorous compliance with the legislation requirements to protect our clients and their occupants of the building from physical and legal risk.  As our business is independent of other suppliers and installers, there is no conflict of interest when we conduct a site inspection and report on compliance matters.  Therefore our third party advice is truly independent and reliable.






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